It was a big win all around for the players on the “Road to Rio 2016” and the city of Manhattan Beach when the M.B. Badminton Club hosted the U.S. Olympic badminton qualifying tournament last week. Renowned athletes from around the world competed in a quest to earn Badminton World Federation ranking points to meet the Olympic Qualifying Standard.

According to Ken Schwartz, a volunteer member of the Tournament Organizing Committee, the MBBC was able to host the Feb. 3-7 event due to the work of Yuko Kawasaki, president of the MBBC Junior Foundation, who petitioned the Badminton World Federation to hold the “Road to Rio 2016” event in the city.

“Our partnership with the city of Manhattan Beach gave the club an opportunity to expose Olympic-level badminton and these world class athletes in a small town setting at this historic club,” Schwartz said.