About Freebird Rides:

Freebird Rides is a new mobile app that brings customers to the hottest bars, restaurants, and events in town, and reimburses people for their Uber rides to the location, providing worry-free fun and encouraging responsible drinking. Freebird connects seamlessly to the Uber app. Customers select where they want to go, accept the business’s ride contribution offer, and request their ride. How it works: https://youtu.be/50LLu10Bm5o Freebird is partnering with Pub at The Club and offering up to $20 reimbursement to all attendees who use Freebird to get to the event on September 10. 

Freebird Rides brings you to Pub at The Club:

We want you to enjoy your time at Pub at The Club to the fullest, without the worries of parking or driving home after our celebration. We have partnered with Freebird Rides (http://my.fbird.co/pubattheclub), who will reimburse you up to $20 for your roundtrip Uber ride to Pub at The Club (up to $10 reimbursement each way):

  1. Click here to download the Freebird Rides app and get your cash back offer: http://my.fbird.co/pubattheclub
  2. Use Freebird Rides to come to Pub At The Club. Freebird connects directly to Uber for a seamless experience
  3. Use ride share, taxi, or carpool to get home safely after the event
  4. On Monday September 11, you will automatically receive your ride reimbursement (up to $20) in your Freebird app. You can then transfer the money to your debit card or bank account. 

The Downtowner Shuttle App is also available for transport to and from MBBC for  Manhattan Beach residents.